I will rest my soul

I will call upon Your name
And keep my eyes above the waves
When oceans rise
My soul will rest in Your embrace
For I am Yours and You are min

– Lyrics OCEANS Rend collective

So some huge things are in the works, not gonna share cause its still all in the air. But I will share that I hate it. I hate change – no. I dont hate change (click the link to see how much i hate change) – i have had so many hairstyles. But I hate the unknown. I hate going into something and not knowing varying … anything.

I want to know it all – the good the bad the ugly, and from there? make my decision.

Is that too hard to ask? Well apparently yes.

I think i shared but my husband is the complete opposite. Hes a “lets see where this takes us” type person. Our last vacation he planned 2 things ahead of time (only cause we needed reservations) and winged the rest. I was a huge ball of … mess. This is almost exactly the same … but not even close.

Sorry to be allusive but again … I have no idea what is happening.

Being overwhelmed as I am? I am finding peace in just turning to the bible. Today I went for a jog (yes, I know i am not supposed to but i needed it) and listened to a sermon about being a servant. Ok Lord I think I am getting ya. And all day I have been finding peace in the Psalms (love audio bibles – yall need to get on that quick).

I thought I surrounded myself well – but i have not felt such a peace in a while. I’m including our family situations and my health and this …. weird thing going on. I don’t know whats changed – well obviously me. But heres the thing: i am getting excited at what God has in store for us.

Maybe God is using this whole thing to prepare me for whats coming?

Don’t get me wrong – i have had a lot of moments. I am human after all. But I am learning. I am learning that God has me.


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