Blank mind

Y’all it’s been a couple of days since I wrote and it’s cause my mind is completely blank. Sorry. I want to write so much but getting through the fog is difficult.

I am currently attempting to stay without carbs (which is supposed to help people with dysautonomia – according to dysautonomia international) so that’s why I stopped. It’s been only a day.

While all I can think about is carbs, I will say my stomach hurts less and I had a good stretch of sleep last night before I woke up at midnight.

I’m doing … crap what was I gonna say?

I don’t know … oh wait! The Lord. I’m doing better with my trust and waiting on God. But I still have my moments. Like right now.

I feel like this next appointment is just gonna be another dead end. God forgive me for my doubt but I just feel like this is gonna be another waste of time and money.

Lord I commit this all to you. I can’t handle this…help Lord

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