Oh I can’t even

By the time y’all read this we would have made a huge decision. It’s about a job and a move. I can’t even think about this … oh wait there’s more.

So we’ve been praying for God to show us signs about this and literally sign after sign ? Has been confirming. I’m not saying where it when but (waiting for the main confirmation) but wait here’s the biggest sign.

My POTS appointment has been canceled- by the doctor. I made the appointment in June and all of a sudden it’s canceled out if no where and now there’s nothing to hold us here in Maryland.

I’m so overwhelmed but I am at peace. I mean we are asking God for signs and we’ve been getting it but dude. There’s so much so much I hafta do. So here I am frozen in an overwhelmed state .. knowing that this move is what God wants for us but overwhelmed cause of all that it means.

Lord I commit this all into your hands and ask that you would grant us the grace and peace. We ask that everything would continually fall into place and you would continue to guide us where and when. I know that no matter what happens Lord you have us. So I commit our lives to you

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