Update on POTS

So well … here it is. I am pretty sure I have POTS. I did the poor man’s tilt table test and it indicates that I have POTS – definitely have a dysautonomic disorder. Now as I told y’all recently my appointment was canceled on me for September.

Todays a Saturday and I was gonna call another doctor but I don’t know. With a possible move happening? I don’t feel comfortable making an appointment around here (in this state) ya know?

I am not saying I’m not gonna see a doctor but I see more important things right now. More pressing things.

Now here’s the thing, where we might be moving doesn’t have a dysautonomic doctor in the state. that is according to the dysautonomia website – doesn’t mean it’s fact right?

So I’m gonna wait – start the whole freaking process again once we move and get settled and in the meantime? Get support online. Tips and tricks to help me manage my symptoms.

Today I am having a good day so far – so I know I can manage. Sigh. Why does this Spoonie life hafta be so complicated?

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