Well it’s official

Well y’all? It’s official. We are moving to Georgia in a little over a month.

We are all excited but so daunted by the idea of moving. Just the simple fact that we have so much to do. And I had to take a pause on my POTS diagnosis.

I know God has us – I just read a post from a couple weeks ago and it blessed me greatly. So I know God has us but dude…

Do you know how much we have to do?

Y’all…a former New Yorker is moving to Georgia. And is happy about it! Ha. I remember telling my husband I would never move to Georgia and here I am excited and ready. God is truly in the midst of this.

Lord I’m overwhelmed and I know that’s gonna keep coming until we move. Please forgive my failures but I know you love me despite my failures. Thank you for that. I pray that I continually commit this to you. I know…I KNOW, you have us. Help my brain remember this.

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