POTS update

So I am sitting here in the midst of a flare. It’s been all day thing – apparently it’s gonna rain today. Yeah. Now I’m a human barometer – which is always fun. Anyways POTS update on my appointment

We are the middle of a move – literally just set the date for our official move. Anyways…what was I saying?

Y’all I miss my brain.

—next day—

Let’s try this again .. though this is gonna be hard cause my kids are talking to the grandparents loudly. Sigh. What was I saying?

My health. I’m waiting to make an appointment after we move. I’m gonna find a GP and get started. The closest POTS doc is 2+ hrs away so I’m making sure to take care of everything before hand.

Lord knows how long it’s gonna take to get an actual appointment.

God I am so overwhelmed thinking about this. But I commit it all to you and ask that your name be glorified through this all.

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