Little miracles

God has been really powerful through this. Sending little miracles to get us through this time. The change, the move, the illness. God has provided grace and strength.

My son has autism right? Typically a child with autism doesn’t do well with change – my son is like that. Well he has been so chill about all this change. Me? A wreck. My son? Finding his peace and even enjoying what we are doing. It’s been great.

My daughter? Has stepped up her game and offering to help out here and there. Now mind you she doesn’t find her enjoyment (preteens are rough) but she’s offering and I’m so proud of her willingness to help.

My husband? Has been a ball of nerves and stress for so long. It’s been a rough time. But God has truly been ministering to my husband. He has had peace and rest in this change.

Thank you Lord for all these blessings. Thank you Lord for showing me how you are providing, blessing and encouraging along the way. We don’t deserve it and here you are blessing our pants off. Thank you Lord.

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