Once I get my water in? I’m always cold. Always. You would think that was great during this heat wave. You would be wrong

Like the other day? It was 100 here – during the big heat wave. Well I felt nothing. In fact, it felt quite nice to me.

That’s where the problem lies.

This is a huge thing with POTS patients. I have great disregulation, however it’s spelled. Like right now? I’m absolutely freezing. Freezing. It’s like 90* out.

Which cause issues for me – I can’t tell how hot it actually is so I overdo it and boom I pass out. Which actually almost happened to me last week. I was driving and almost had an episode. my first while driving.

I felt my body go weak and limp and I immediately called out Jesus’s name and quickly applied pressure to specific points. Which apparently helps. But I think it was more Jesus.

Lord. I don’t know how I’m gonna do this but I know you will be there. I continually put my trust in you.

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