Poor man’s tilt table

So there’s this thing called the poor man’s tilt table test. So backstory real quick: the major way to get diagnosed with POTS is to do a tilt table test. The poor man’s is a version you can do at home. I did it twice.

Both times I tested positive. So. Yeah. What does that mean? I possibly have pots but it does indicate I have dysautonomia. There are several versions of dysautonomia (click link to find out).

Sorry brain fog hit.

I think I have some sort of fear thats grown from going to so many doctors. ya know being told I had menopause at 39 … to being told I was too fat .. to even being told to ask my husband permission to get a heart test. I have been beaten down.

So it makes me gunshy to even go see this next one. Which Lord knows when that’s gonna happen. I hate going to see doctor after doctor. Since getting sick I have literally seen 9 different doctors (if you didnt click the link thats been 1 year).

Lord I don’t want to do this anymore. It’s annoying and scary at the same time. But I know I have to take care of myself so I’m gonna do the best thing which is commit this next step of the journey to getting diagnosed to you. Whatever happens I trust in you and know you will get us through. Please help me find the right doctor. Grant that doctor wisdom and help me to be able to manage my new life. I commit this to you and ask of course .. not my will but yours be done.

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