Talk about Jesus

I’m sitting here in the hallway of church. I’m having a bad flare. The pain level is ridiculous. So much so I’m literally in a ball. The pressure is helping at least. Jesus Lord why do I hafta go through this? I just wanna learn more about having a relationship with God. But I did. Sitting here in pain I still heard the sermon. Talk about Jesus. Lemme explain…

I was sitting in the sanctuary only concentrating on my pain growing in my arms and legs. It’s gonna rain – did I tell y’all I’m a human barometer now? I couldn’t think. I decided to go to the hallway and put my legs up but stopped myself: “what will people think of me?”

I debated whether or not to ask my husband to take me home. Then I remembered: my relationship and my family’s relationship with God is more important.

I sat here and the greatest thing happened: I heard the sermon. And it was a much needed word I needed to hear. Talk about Jesus. Don’t worry about what other people think.

God, thank you for your mercies and grace that have gotten me through. I ask that you would use me to be a witness for you in all I do and say.

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