We had an offer

yall…lemme tell you how God has been working in our life. One day my husband saw a job position in GA. We talked a little and the next day he sent his application. That night? He got a call from the company to set up an interview. The next week he had the interview and the day after that? He got the position. Then everything has just fallen into place like that. We got someone to clean, the carpets and the house, on short notice and affordable. We found a mover to help us not only move to a different state but to set up whatever needs to be set up. The peace my family has felt…amazing. Then? We placed the house for sale last friday. We got an offer yesterday morning – but heres the thing? We had an offer but we didnt pray about it.

We had the wisdom of God this whole time and boom. We got excited and made the decision without praying. What happened? They ended up rescinding the offer last night.

See what happens when we take our eyes off the Lord?

Hubby and I had a long talk and we both saw our biggest fail. Prayer.

Thats what always needs to happen first – even if its a Nehemiah prayer. God hears us and knows our hearts and He will answer us. He always has – hasnt he? Why would He stop now?

Lord please forgive me for losing sight of you. Please forgive me for trying to do this move without you and your grace. This whole thing has been about your blessing – who am I to try and make it work my way. Lord I know you never left us and you will never leave us, please forgive my doubt. I commit this house selling process to you and ask not our will but yours be done.

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