New symptom

yalll know how I just love doctors right? And after having seen just about too many of them (and none of them believing me) – i’m done. I have learned a couple of new tricks and tips and stuff to manage my symptoms and I was honestly convinced to not continue to getting diagnosed. I have hit a low where I just dont care honestly. But then? Of couse then? I have a new symptom.

I have dealt with periodic pain in my neck that I always relieved with massages and changing positions. Well now? Now I feel a burning in my neck – between my shoulders sometimes my neck but ridiculously painful.


I looked it up and yeah all my symptoms and issues could be attributed to this: neck injury. Which would not be a shocker as I do have hypermobile Ehlers Danlos. But this just frustrates me so much.

And all of it started getting worse after my thyroid surgery. I thought it was when I did keto cause I did deal with bradycardia and low blood pressure……Lord help me.

Its about 2 weeks before we move to GA right now. Lord knows how long it will be till i see the doctor but for sure know now: I am definitely going to see a doctor.

Lord i commit this doctor process and getting diagnosed process and my worries and my fears and my doubts…..I just give everything to you. I cant do this without you – honestly i dont know how I am currently doing this if not for you. Grant me your grace and strength Lord. Please help me.

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