I don’t see

We are a week away from us moving – we’ve had several offers on the house and nothing can be agreed upon. We already hafta pay 2 rents next month .. I don’t see how but we hafta

So now we wait. We wait for the Lord to provide another person/family for this house. I’m praying for them and all that but I’m getting overwhelmed.

I was talking to my mom today and I felt like I had 3 million things to do and when I took a look at my list? There was only 5. I’m doing it again folks. Trying to take control

Can someone please tell me why I keep doing this? Scrambling and overdoing and going crazy? I’m so done with all this.

Why can’t this be done now Lord? Why do we hafta keep going through this? I know you have a plan God – but could you let me in on it? Please?

I know Lord. I know you will get us through. I commit this all to you and praise you. I praise you cause I know you are our provider. You are our deliverer and you have never let us down before.

As always Lord – I believe. But please help my unbelief.

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