If I did this right today (planning my posts) we are moving into our new house. Oh Lord this whole moving process has been interesting.

Back in may (maybe April) the husband and I decided we needed to move out of our area. So we started searching and then hired 2 real estate agents. We looked and nothing hit our soul.

Then my husband found an opportunity in Georgia. I don’t know if I explained this but I have always hated the Deep South. I’m from NYC – apparently we know everything there. But wait lemme explain.

We visited his brother down there years ago and my husband fell in love. I, on the other hand? Truly did not. Probably had to do w the fact that my kids were horribly sick w the flu and clinging to me for life. No good memories there.

Fast forward to June this year we told my in-laws we were moving (didn’t say where) – the immediate response was Georgia? To which I quickly gave my husband a glare and the thought was shot down.

The rest of June my husband was traveling and July comes and again we are met with the idea of Georgia which my husband flat out said no. No glare needed.

So when my husband said there’s this job in Georgia – you would think I’d fight it. Nope. I told him as I have told him for years: I would follow you anywhere.

Then he signed the application and within a little over a week he got the job (after interviewing and stuff).

Part 2 tomorrow…

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