Moving part 2

Here’s moving part 2. I know you’ve been dying to know. Where was I? my husband gets the job. At this time we had cut off talks with the real estate agents but then before my husband even called them to … re-engage? I started packing.

I got things off the wall.

I packed up the linen and coat closet

I did it all to get room to start selling the house.

While being sick. I’m grateful my aunt lives close by and she came and worked miracles in this house.

I tell ya. There is nothing more humbling that not being able to pack your own house

So. After a week the agents came by and gave us more tips and we hired a painter, a cleaner, and a shampoo-the-carpet person. All for the next week.

All affordable. All quick and all efficient. God really wowed us with how quick everything went.

Then we put it on the market and got an immediate offer. Y’all know how that went.

We’ve had more offers and more showings but nothing has felt like it was it.

I’m sure God has someone perfect for this house. So we sit and wait and trust.

All this has happened without us. My husband and I have just sat back and watch God at work. Which has been amazing.

It it feels like all of it has been ruined by me getting sick … and now my kids.

Lord I commit this all to you. I am so overwhelmed. Lord please work a mighty miracle I pray.

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