you think you know? You dont

“Jessica you are such an inspiration. You are so perfect at everything.” ha. definitely not perfect. definitely not. I can get you examples if you want. It comes down to this: when you think you know things about people? Thats when you finally realize – You don’t. You definitely don’t know … anything.

I have had many people say what an inspiration i am – and it kinda got into my head. Ya know? Like I got the life. I thought I knew what being a Christian was all about – getting people to like me.

sad but true.

But heres the thing: no one is perfect. no one is good. not one single person. and no one is gonna like you all the time.

I love that song “Only Jesus” by … that band. Oh wait Casting Crowns. Love that song.

When I first heard it I was … “Yeah and? This is something everyone knows that”. But apparently I didn’t get the memo. I tried as much as I could to get more and more attention. I tried to look for approval from everywhere.

Mostly instagram – which is one of the main reasons why I dont have one.

No one should remember me or what ive done. I’m nobody. People when they see or talk about me? They should be talking about Christ’s love shown through me.

Cause its all about Jesus ya know?

This lesson has been a hard lesson to learn but I’m getting it more and more lately ….

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