So this is it

So this is it y’all … we are on our way to Georgia now. We’ve been on the road for about 3 hrs now. According to GPS we have 7hrs left

My back is already dying – so is my husbands. We’ve had to make several pit stops cause of me and my pea sized bladder. Which doesn’t help cause I have to drink all that water to feel normal too. Sigh. Lord knows.

As I write this, the klove radio announcer is talking about his move to a different state and how he was so emotional to leave . The husband and I? Cool as cucumbers.

Like this was needed and meant to be and all that jazz. God truly has prepared us. But get this – so are the kids. They are so chill and excited- even for the car drive.

Lord thank you for your mercies through this. It’s been a hard time but I thank you Lord for carrying us through. All I can see is you working through this whole thing. Thank you Lord for letting me be a witness to that

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