I can’t even begin

So. This last offer backed out. Again. I can’t even. I mean just when we begin … Lord what is happening? house is back on market. Y’all? Even the real estate agent even said he’s never seen anything like this.

Well we moved in! It was interesting. The house is absolutely beautiful but it was filthy. absolutely filthy. All day I was finding random chunks of hair everywhere – even after we vacuumed twice.

This is really a test for me. I have OCD true OCD … this is not what I pictured and I’m so done.

And? I am even more dizzy and weak than last time so I am taking more breaks – not able to do as much as I want and being reminded of my resting. Constantly. God. Help.

Lord I can’t even begin to think. There’s just too much. things are not what I pictured. I hate that it’s not what I wanted. I hate that I’m gonna sleep there from now on. I hate that I am being so petty about this. But I thank you for providing a house in our timeline. That it’s a nice house. That it is what you wanted for us. Thank you Lord for giving us much more than we deserve. Thank you for blessing us with this house. Thank you for always being there for us.

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