All alone

I feel so alone. All by myself is definitely my theme song of the day. I’m trying to fight these thoughts of bitterness but here I am all alone sitting here with all this to do

And that’s just my room. I have done the kitchen … all by myself. I have done the laundry room all by myself. and now I’m doing my room and the office.

The packing up part was easy – my aunt came for 95% of it and I’m beyond grateful. But I have no family here.

I’m alone with issue upon issue with this new house. I’m so frustrated right now I can’t even speak.

Lord help me please. I feel angry and I know I shouldn’t. This is my new life I know. Forgive me for being angry. I can’t do this – I am so weak I can’t begin to explain but I know. I know you are there. Help me Lord please.

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