So here we go..again again

Ok. So here’s what happening. 3 more people came to see the house in Maryland. No offers. Nothing. Okay. Again right? Gotta wait right? Again again and again. The. The Georgia rental? Here we go ..

Roaches the second day. Water bugs the first day and possibly the third. No biggie right?


Y’all I swear I’m freaking majorly right now.

I grew up … poor. How poor doesn’t matter. I had a good childhood .. but was traumatized by roaches.

I have just memories of the grossest things and ugh.

So I have always had problems – since – with bugs. You can ask my mom…she has many eye roll memories I bet.

Anyways having this issue right now? It’s got me all sorts of crazy and I hate this feeling. The unsure unsettling nervousness and I have to wait over a week to get an exterminator just to look.

Y’all know how I feel about waiting. But my husband made a good point – it’s only temporary and? It’s not an infestation.

Lord you know how much I hate waiting and not knowing. But I commit this to you. I ask that you would grant me the grace. I know you are teaching me and I don’t like it. But I know this is for my good and I commit this over and over to you. I trust and know you got this. I know you will get us through.

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