My dryer

Y’all I can’t even be making this stuff up. Brand new washer and dryer installed today and? My dryer is not drying completely

My prescription for my meds still hasn’t come …. The bug situation is still ongoing. Today is Saturday for me so we hafta wait til Monday to find out if he still will come.

And you know what I noticed? I keep complaining. I keep winding down the list and not looking to God.

It’s funny how we do that right? shoo … I do that way too much.

We look at the mountain and see how big it is instead of looking at our God and seeing how much bigger He is.

Lord I’m a mess and I’m a mess because … I keep trying to take control. God. I’m such a dunderhead.

Oh Lord thank you for that realization. Please forgive me for trying to take control and losing sight of you. I thank you for those reminders that you send me throughout the day of your awesomeness. I praise you for you are good and mighty and worthy of all glory. Thank you Lord for loving me and being so patient with me.

I commit this all to you and ask most importantly not my will but yours be done in our life.

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