God is so good

Today is the first day of homeschooling and part of my kids curriculum they have to do Bible class. In their Bible class they sing old hymns and childhood classics. Like God is so good.

🎶 God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He’s so good to me. He answers prayer, God answers prayer, God answers prayer He’s so good to me🎶

My husband is doing orientation at work sitting next to me and I’m sitting here just remembering how good God has been to us.

I know the past week, I’ve been a mess. Literally. I’ve taken my eyes off God and I let the storm that is this house overtake me. But then I remembered. I remembered to pray. I remembered God is so good.

I remembered 🎶God answers prayers🎶

I am not gonna lie. I’m still nervous as anything and am convinced of the crazy thoughts in my head – but I remembered God is so good.

I remembered the time when my husband hadn’t gotten paid in a month and we literally had no money for food. Not one penny. In fact I think we had $50 for food and gas for work. But something in me said trust God. We left our house to check the mail (to see if there was a paycheck) and y’all … we opened the door and his check literally floated in the door.

God is so good.

I praise you Lord for you are good and kind. You are there for me even in my failures. I commit this house and all it’s problems to you. The closet, the drains, the dryer, the tubs, the roaches; I commit these problems to you and ask that you would guide the repairmen and the exterminator. That you would grant them wisdom and discernment. That they would be efficient in their job and fix each problem and kill all the bugs.

I praise you Lord cause you have and I know will continually protect us and keep us. I commit our lives to you Lord and thank you for your grace and mercy. And ask for strength and wisdom. I commit our everything to you. Thank you and praise you Lord for all that you are

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