In those times? In those times of absolute fear you need faith. In those times of great fear there needs to be great faith. How? You just do it.

You sit there and just do it. Here’s what I mean.

I told y’all about my meds situation right? No? Ok I take a major pill. One for my anxiety and it helps me sleep. I’ve run out … like literally none. I took my last one yesterday. I prayed and asked my mom to pray and I waited. and honestly? Believed I was gonna go through major withdrawals (I’ve taken this pill for about 10yrs)

Today? I called my last doctor who prescribed it. And mailed it to my old address. After a couple of calls back and forth? My doctor is calling in the prescription to a local pharmacy

How did I do it? Have the faith? I honestly don’t think I did it. I was convinced…convinced I wasn’t gonna get this prescription. But I thank God for His continuous mercy.

Lord I don’t deserve you. Thank you Lord for being there and supplying my needs. Thank you Lord. Thank you Lord for being so awesome and mighty – that you literally changed the most strict doctor I ever had to do this for me. Wow. I praise you my might king. I praise your wonderful and mighty name.

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