Answering prayer

My God is so good. He is answering prayer even when I just doubt. Lord I don’t deserve you…

I have been praying for the house fixes all week. that we would get an efficient, diligent worker. What happened?

Well .. God came through big time. Even added works? He did. The worker came through big time! God provided times 10.

Y’all he provided a New Yorker! I went and shared how I wanted extra stuff done because of my fears and he said every time: don’t worry I got you. Now to pray the same for the exterminator.

Thank you Lord for your mercies! thank you for providing and thank you for loving me unconditionally through this. I praise you Lord for that is just what you do .. love. I praise you Lord for you are so merciful. Forgive me for doubting you. I ask that you would continuously protect us. That you would provide a great, efficient, diligent, determined exterminator to get rid of all the critters in this house. That they would get to the root of the problem and solve it, Lord please. Please have mercy on me thank you for loving me.

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