Oh Lord help

Well we are still waiting for the exterminator…but it’s been a couple of days since we saw one. Well that is until today and of course my son who’s terrified of bugs found it. Oh Lord help us.

I’m sitting here struggling with my faith but I was going well. Praying and seeking out God every time I thought of these bugs. Freaking out only a little. It’s only in the kitchen right?

Well … I saw one by the front door. Wait .. so did my son – my bug-phobic son. God. My Lord please have mercy.

Lord Jesus please have mercy on us. Rebuke these bugs out of this house. Lord God I thank you for these issues cause they force us to focus on you. I praise you cause I know you will get these bugs out of here. I praise you for I know you are in control and have a plan for this. Forgive me for my fear and doubt. Please forgive me for losing sight of you. I commit this situation to you cause I’m at my wits end and I cannot deal. Lord please please get these bugs out of this house.

Lord please please let this exterminator come earlier than expected. Please Lord grant him wisdom, grace and diligence. That he would be an efficient, experienced worker and get to the root of our problem. That he would be willing to work with us and keep this problem from happening again. As my son I pray – Lord please get rid of these bugs.

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