Hitting Pause

Y’all know I’m not patient. I am the first to admit it & my husband is the same. So when we got like 4 offers on the house in 3 wks and in every single one of them something happened? We knew God was hitting pause for a reason.

I hate waiting.

Hubby was getting frustrated yesterday and we sat talked it out and realized what we need to learn and why God has been slowing this to happen.

As frustrating as it is, it’s been teaching me. Trust. It’s been teaching to wait on the Lord. Especially when I don’t want to.

I hate this lesson Lord. But thank you for all that I am learning from it. Please forgive me for doubting and losing sight. Thank you Lord for your mercy and grace. Thank you Lord for this house being available when we needed it. I hate this situation that we’re in but I know you have a reason and I praise you Lord for it. Please Lord have mercy on us and let us sell this house and find a great new house to move into.

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