Star shine

So here I am proud mama letting my little Star shine…may I introduce my daughters first of many pieces: Instagram posts:

Did: hey guys did u see that guy

Frank: hey u talkin you me?

Did: umm hehe no


Um: umm hold the yelling

Did: yeh hold it

Frank: ya bro hol it

:D: why?

Frank: because….

Redi: hey guys Frank is pretty nice

Frank: yeah I know, im pretty cool


Frank: how when I’m right here

Redi: o um sorry

Sammy: is she here on chat

Gigi1234: no why?

Sammy: because my mom took away my phone and I stole it and she’s on chat

Gigi1234: oh

Redi: she’s with her girlfriends

SaMmY: eww

Cutegirlmom: HONEYBUNS!!!

SaMmY: MOM!!!


Part 2 coming soon!

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