Sitting here

I’m sitting here waiting for the exterminator. Yes! It’s finally here, but I’m sitting here surrounded by my stuff and still freaking out.

I’ve had more peace about it tho … I finally got my focus off the exterminator and realized the power of God.

I realized I was focusing on the exterminator rescuing me. I was concentrating on my husband rescuing me. I lost sight of the power of God.

I know, I know devotional blog writer not keeping her focus on God. Doesn’t make sense right? Well, I’ve said it a million times – I ain’t perfect. Beyond not perfect.

Ya know I was listening to everyone who told me: this is just a big nothing. It doesn’t matter & I felt stupid for crying and freaking out. Then the more I surrounded myself with the things of the Lord the more I kept hearing the message: God wants to help us even with the little things. God cares for you and wants you to have peace.

God finally opened my eyes and I saw who is truly in control. God forgive me for taking so long to get this – but thank You Lord that I’m seeing you are the only one in control. That no matter what happens you will be the one to protect us, not the exterminator, no matter what I do, it’s You. You are the one that will keep them out and I ask in your holy name that you would keep these critters out of here Lord please. I commit this appointment to you and ask that your name be glorified and magnified. Please keeps these critters out Lord please.

Update: the exterminator is not coming today … I’m so tired of this Lord.

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