Here’s more from my little star:

Cutegirlmom: WHY do u have ur phone

Cutegirlmom: we’ll I guess I’ll have to do it

SaMmY: nooooooooo

Cutegirlmom hay gals

Pearl: we r not ur girlfriends

SaMmY: every time u come in I have to find new friends

Cutegirlmom: u r two yong two bee on chat

SaMmY: I’m sixteen!!!

Cutegirlmom: we’ll I’ll say ur eight

SaMmY: I’m heading to pearliest’S house

Cutegirlmom: it’s past ur bedtime

SaMmY: it’s only six o’clock In the morning

Cutegirlmom: I say it’s 11:30 pm

Jasmine: hey peeps

Cutegirlmom: ugh u again can’t u see I’m dealing with my daughter

Ray: hey u can’t mess with my girl

Cutegirlmom: umm she’s MY daughter

Cutegirldad: hey babes

SaMmY: eww dad

Cutegirlmom: what???

Cutegirldad: yeah what?

SaMmY: ur embarrassing me

Diannatalks: yeah mr and mrs superherocat ur embarrassing her

Nooby1234: hay giz

Sistaplayz: um…

SaMmY: um…

Cutegirlmom: I goddy!!!

SaMmY: mom don’t say goodie

Gigi1234: yeah don’t

Cutegirlmom: why

😀 – hey I’m back!!!

Redi: please don’t

SaMmY: yeah don’t wimp



Cutegirlmom: wimp

Cutegirldad: wimp

Frank: wimp

:D: STOP!!!

Frank: avwey is a nice girl

Avwey: hey!!!

Frank: hey avwey

Avwey: hiiii!!!

Jenni: looks like we r all here

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