Who has the power?

Ok. Ok. Bear with me here but really think about this question: who has the power? I know seems like a foolish question as a Christian right? But no. There’s a …. Group of people who believe that they have some power on how their lives play out. “Name it and claim it” … ya know .. the “you say it and it will happen” group. I know I’ve talked about this before but recently? I fell into that group for a while.

It’s one of those things that I slowly got into. I surrounded myself with …. I don’t know how to put this. Let’s just say with these ideals.

I was getting faulty teaching – there ya go.

I was getting into these ideals and praying (you can see on my previous posts) what I wanted to happen and believing I had that power to make it happen.

Cause I’m a child of God. of course He’s gonna give me what I want!

Moving on….

I slowly but surely (especially with all these bugs) realized I have no power.

I was listening to a sermon that talked about this recently and he said along the lines: “you can name it all you want – God knows what’s best and He’s gonna do that. Not what a whining child wants

Then the other day one of my kids were told to go study. They had a literal fit which resulted in tears (theirs) and I had to push them to study. They complied but it made me think of this.

God knows what’s best and He will do what He knows will be best for me. Not what I want necessarily…

Thank you Lord for that realization. I praise you for you are merciful and patient and I thank you for being patient and merciful to me. Thank you Lord for teaching me this hard lesson. I commit this house, this bug situation, the selling of our old house and buying of our new house to you. I ask not my will but yours be done. Thank you again for your patience and mercy.

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