So that happened.

So. Had my first important doctor appointment today. My psychiatrist. What’s the sum up? I shouldn’t have been taking any of the meds I’ve been prescribed. In fact some were too dangerous to take together. And I’ve been taking them together for years. Years and no one told me. So…you know … that happened.

I have to start withdrawing tonight from the meds. Which scares me cause dude…..years. I have been taking these for years. Years. The withdrawals are gonna be major.

But I’m gonna have faith. I’m gonna believe that God is gonna use this to bring Him glory.

I talked about it with the kids and explained to them what could happen and then? Explained how big my God is.

I am gonna be praying that God would not allow major withdrawals. That He would have mercy and I’m gonna have faith that He will. And even if He doesn’t? My God is still good.

I was wondering why I’m going through this – then I looked up all the symptoms. They are similar. So maybe God allowed this to be found so that when I do start with my POTS doctor appointments? They won’t have to go through this. So for that?

Holy Lord, most Holy Lord. You alone are worthy of my praise. Oh Holy Lord, most Holy Lord. With all of my heart I sing: great are you Lord. You’re worthy of praise. You’re holy and true. Great are you Lord. Most holy Lord.

I praise you Lord.

Lord I’m sorry for my anger towards that Maryland doctor. I thank you for finding that GA doctor for me and starting me on the process of healing. I commit all my future appointments to you and ask that your will be done. Thank you Lord

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