Here’s more from my little rockstar:

Girl5678: yeh wee argh all heare

Avwey: what is happening

Redi: idk

Avwey left the conversation

Frank: ok avwey left the conversation

Day 2

SaMmY: ok my mom is not in the conversation

Frank: okay…….. great?

Avwey: r u guys thinking what I’m thinking

SaMmY: what?

Avwey: I think Frank has a crush on me lol

SaMmY: why????

Avwey: umm because he has the best behavior on me

:D- hey guys

Avwey: ugh

:D- what

Avwey: nothing

:D- oh

Avwey: hey do u think I should act with the same behavior as fwank

SaMmy: yeah I think that that’ll be the solution

:D- yeah

Awvey: here he comes

Fwank: umm hi

Avwey: hi!!!!

Gigi1234: um why is avwey acting like that?

:D- idk

SaMmY: yeah

Avwey: this is a great day in adopt me

:D- ?????

SaMmY: ???

Gigi1234: ????

Cutegirlmom: hey gals

SaMmY: MOM!!!


Cutegirlmom: What???

SaMmY: u r in here

Cutegirldad: babes

Cutegirlmom: what cuddly bear

Cutegirldad: do u think that Sammy should change her user name

SaMmY: don’t say my real name!

Cutegirlmom: yeah to Cutegirldaughter

SaMmY: ugh bad name

Gigi1234: yeah totally bad

Diannatalks: yeah bad

:D- yeah totally bad

Cutegirlmom: if u don’t We will call u by our user name

Cutegirldad: or we will embarrass u with the story of u and….

SaMmY: STOP!!!

Cutegirlmom: here comes cutegirlsister

Cutegirlsister: Ayo bro what is up

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