I’m grateful

So we’ve been in Georgia for almost 2 months. Still in the money pit. With possibly a rodent … or something. Thankfully the roach issue has been addressed (thank you sweet Lord Jesus). But they are now gonna put some holes in the walls to fix our bathrooms. All this till going? And I’m grateful.

I’m grateful cause, through this whole situation? I have learned. I have grown and? I have grown so much closer to my family.

I’m grateful for my relationship with the Lord is deepening.

I’m grateful for competent doctors.

I’m grateful for more time with my kids.

I’m grateful for how much closer my husband and I are.

I’m grateful for how much grace God has brought me.

I wanted to run and hide. I wanted to give up. I doubted. I feared.

Well I still doubt and fear, but now I understand Gods mercy. I understand how much God has been protecting me. Even from myself.

Thank you Lord for this house. Thank you for your grace and strength. I’m weak and tired but I know you will get me through. Thank you for that. Please forgive me for my doubts and fears. Please forgive me for losing sight of you. I praise you Lord for you are awesome and mighty and so so merciful and patient. I commit our house search to you and ask that not our will but yours be done. Open our eyes so we can see where you want us to be.

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