More from my rockstar

Here’s the last bit from my rockstar. Waiting for her to give me more …

🪲: hey guys

SaMmY: hey stinkbug

:D- hey stinkbug

Gigi1234:hey stinkbug

👄: hey

SaMmY: hey lips

Avwey: 👧🏼 hey

SaMmY: ummm I’ll brb

🐨: hye!!!!!

SaMmY: wduw

🐽: squeee squeee

SaMmY: hey pig nose

Avwey: pig nose

:D- piggy nose

Gigi1234: pig nose

Fwank: pig nose

Noobie1234 peg knows

Fannycross: guys that was just a joke

Noobie1234: know ets knot

Fwank: yeah it’s not

Avwey: yeah it’s not

SaMmY: hey guys I got a huge prank on my mom

Fwank: who’s ur mom

SaMmY: u know Cutegirlmom

Fwank: oh What is it then

SaMmY: I hack her account then log her off

Fwank: that’s mean

SaMmY: I know right?

Noobie1234: well that ez mean

Gigi1234: that’s mean

SaMmY: we’ll I’m gonna do it

Day 3

SaMmY: okay I’m gonna do it. Okay here we go

Cutegirlmom was logged off

Cutegirldad: hey Sammy

Supercat: dad it’s supercat

Cutegirldad: why

Supercat: cus that’s the thing we do

Cutegirldad: oh

🐗: yoyoYo!!!

Cutegurldad : umm sam… oh Supercat who dis guy

SaMmY: oh it’s u

🐗: yeah I’m back!!!

Cutegirldad: umm…..?????

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