Let’s explain a little

I keep writing prayers about being scared and overwhelmed. Thought “hmmm…let’s explain a little more ..

So not only do we have critters, warped boards (to the point you feel like you’re about to go through the floor), not only do we have 1 working shower, not only do we have holes around the house … we apparently live in a quiet section of a bad area.

Shootings go around almost daily.

Cars being stolen weekly.

Break ins


Water pipes breaking regularly

I could go on … but you get it

Every time my husband leaves for work my heart goes in my chest.

Our merciful God has been protecting us and I know He will continue to do so – but man alive. This is difficult.

Lord I commit our house search to you. I ask that you would allow us to move out of here as soon as possible into good home, in a good location, well built, good foundation and no critter problems. I ask for wisdom and grace for my husband and I as we choose a home. Please make it obvious to us where to move. I thank you Lord for always protecting us and I ask that you would forgive me for worrying and having doubts. I praise you Lord for you are so good. Thank you Lord. Thank you.

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