One more time

So yesterday I saw the new cardiologist … the best part? My brain fog was horrible .. it’s still horrible. Well here we start one more time.

Well the appointment went well. I can’t even think about it – my brain fog is fierce right now. He immediately put me on a holter monitor. Again. He had bloodwork done too.

Bloodwork was interesting – but I don’t know what it means. My neutrophil levels are elevated – but I have no idea what that means cause my other white blood count was normal.

I mean I looked it up – but I am just trusting the Lord on this. as I say this, Lord I commit this to you.

I’m trying to trigger bad days so I am cutting down my stuff that helps me (salt, compression garments etc) and boy am I feeling bad today.

Lord I commit this all to you and ask for your strength. I commit this whole diagnosis process to you. I praise you for you are mighty and powerful and I trust in you alone. I thank you for your grace and strength. Help me Lord please.

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