Another doctor appointment

So I had another doctor appointment. I saw a new cardiologist. He was alright. Well he had bloodwork and the second holter monitor- did I tell y’all that already? Oh it’s been a busy couple of weeks….

So anyways, I got results back from the bloodwork. My blood platelet count was high and my neutrophil count was high. I don’t know what is dangerous amounts but I read enough online to convince me? It’s long Covid.

I don’t care what it is honestly – I just want these heart palpitations and chest pains to stop.

The doctor was convinced it was long Covid but not pots. I’m grateful that he knew what pots was but I don’t know….not that I know more than him.

It’s just that long Covid is a brand new disease. I’m worried. He comforted me that he’s had a lot of patients recover from long Covid – but again. This is a new disease.

Lord I’m doing it again. Please forgive me. I know you are the great healer – you are mighty and powerful. You are the only one who can heal me. I commit this all to you and ask that not my will but yours be done. I praise you my King.

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