Ok then

So remember how I told you I was on meds that literally could’ve killed me? And that clinically speaking I was addicted to a med that was overprescribed? Ok then .. click the links if you don’t know.

Well it’s been 1 month and I am officially off the meds that could’ve killed me – thank you Lord – and double blessing? I feel mentally better than I have in years.

Now today? Today I start weaning from the meds that cause chemical dependency…sigh. I know addiction because of my food addiction – so I’m not looking forward to tonight.

Like when I would miss one of those meds? I didn’t get severe reactions (vomiting, seizures, etc) – I would get terrible, horrible nightmares. And as I suffer regularly from nightmares? I’m not looking forward to this.

Lord I’m worried .. I know I always start out that way, please forgive me for my doubts and fears. I thank you Lord for always loving me and being there for me. I commit this time of withdrawal from those meds to you. I know you are the great doctor and only you know what’s good for me. I commit my life to you and you alone. I praise you my healer .. my provider. My King

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