Well that was …

So remember how I told you the doctor who didn’t believe me told me to do the ekg feature on the Apple Watch? Well that was … helpful.

I mean God can use anyone right?

Well… I have been doing that regularly since I saw him. Whenever I get a weird symptom? I start the watch immediately. Not every time but as much as I can.

To be honest sometimes I get so defeated that I don’t note it…

But I have done most. Lord willingly this will be helpful.

I looked online to compare ekg results – was not a good idea. When will I learn to not google my symptoms?!

There was a study that came out yesterday how there’s a link to long Covid and pots. I’ve known that for a while – but Lord willingly this helps me get diagnosed with whatever is going on.

Lord I commit this all to you. Please grant me grace and wisdom. Open my eyes so I can see you at work Lord. Thank you for making that doctor suggest the ekg feature. I commit my appointment to you and ask that you would go before me. Prepare the new doctors heart and work mightily in her life. Bless her and the other doctors I have seen to get diagnosed. I praise you my King. I praise you for you are always there and have been there through the good and the bad. And I know you will always be there cause you are so good. Hallelujah.

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