Still here…

Lord I’m tired .. So tired of this house hunting!! Everything on sale .. is run down or poorly made or not taken care of. So we are still here ..

In a house that a mouse lives in .. that has holes still … that is drafty .. we are still here.

I don’t get it Lord. What is happening? Why are we still here? Are we doing something wrong? Are we missing where you want us to go?

Please grant us wisdom and discernment.

Please Lord show us where we need to move and when. Please help us find where you want us. Guide us Lord.

Please forgive me for my anger and frustration. I thank you Lord for these circumstances that have been teaching us so much. I thank you Lord for being so patient with us. I commit this house search to you and ask not our will but yours be done. I praise you Lord even through this difficult time. I praise you for you are good and you know what’s good for us. I know you have a plan and put my faith and hope in you alone.

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