im scared

I’m scared. Got a new symptom that at first was once in a blue moon, now I’m fighting it constantly. Numbness and coldness in my hands…

It started out just a finger numb for a bit then I would pop my knuckles and I felt better. Or I would pump my hands open and closed and boom I was fine I thought it was just a hEDS thing. But now numbness?

I’ve been upping my salt intake and increasing my compression garment game. But it only does so much.

Lord please grant me wisdom.

I cancelled my appointments and tests with that second cardiologist – in the process of making an appointment with a cardiologist that deals with POTS.

She’s so far ahead – she’s booking for end of March. It’s currently December 20th. they are going to see if they can squeeze me in sooner – Lord willing they can.

Please Lord forgive me for my doubts and fears. Please forgive me for losing sight of you and being impatient. Lord I commit this appointment to you. I ask that you would please let me be seen sooner and that you would grant the doctor the wisdom and discernment to help me. I praise you Lord for you are so good. So good you allowed me to find this doctor before I worked with another who doesn’t understand my condition. Thank you for loving me. As always not my will but yours be done.

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