Update on my doctors

Wanted to give an update on my doctors appointment. I canceled it. I’m done with dealing with doctors who don’t know anything about what I’m going through.

I finally got added to the Georgia dysautonomia group and found a couple of doctors in my area that can help. There’s a doctor who specializes in POTS, but she’s in Alabama. That’s only 3hrs away but I’m praying I can find someone closer.

In the meantime? I’m treating my symptoms.

Increased my salt, water, changed my workouts and cut out foods. I still get heart rate spikes … still get body aches … still suffering but it’s not as bad.

Lord I commit this appointment to you. I ask that my doctor would be knowledgeable, be willing to listen to me, and be able to help me. I’m lost and scared. Please grant me wisdom and discernment. Please forgive me for doubting and losing sight of the fact that you are creator of all. I thank you for your mercies that have gotten me through this time, I praise you and commit my all to you.

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