Low blow

The other day I talked about a trial we are going through – it has to deal with others so I’m gonna be vague – but it’s a low blow.

It’s actually a couple of difficult, different things. And each? Makes me so frustrated.

Hey I said I shouldn’t complain – never said I wouldn’t. I am human after all.

But it’s … trying. Annoying. Scary. So scary.

What I’ve notified though with each of these? It’s all about trust. Me trusting to be more specific.

No, not trusting people. But trusting God. Ya know me and my constant struggle with control and trust. Y’all …

But I know … I know God will get us through. And I trust and hope in that.

Lord I’m scared and confused and doubting. Please forgive me. Please forgive me for losing sight of you. I know you have a plan so I put my hope and faith in you. thank you Lord for this time of learning – as much as I hate it? I am grateful cause man I’m loving my new found faith in you. I am so far from perfect but I am so grateful that you are teaching me and being patient with me. I praise you Lord for you are good. Hallelujah

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