Read your Bible!

Oh my friends .. I will always be posting here about my life. Devotionals. Funny stories. Always trying to apply it to our Christian walk, but I cannot emphasize enough: read your Bible!

I will post links to a Bible verse…I will post Bible verses … but take out that book and read for yourself!

All through the Bible, there are warnings of false prophets. There always have been false prophets but through the end times? You will see more and more. The only way to resist this? Is to read your Bible.

Take time for yourself and research.

Ask questions.

Study for yourself.

It is so important for your walk to research the Bible for yourself. Be like a berean..when you learn something? Open that Bible .. find it for yourself.

Develop that relationship with God.

Just because you go to church or listen to sermons or whatever you do/read to hear others opinions on God? Doesn’t mean you are a Christian.

Develop that relationship with God by reading that Bible. Asking those hard questions.

Read your Bible.

Here’s a video to help you start your own Bible study:

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