Dear doctor

To the doctor who didn’t believe me .. dear doctor .. please remember one thing:

I wanna be mad and put you on blast. But you know what? I’m gonna pray for you.

I’m gonna pray that God would open your eyes and grant you wisdom. I’m gonna ask that God would bless you. I’m gonna pray that you never have to go through the pain

of not being believed…

Of being misunderstood

Of being misdiagnosed

Of being told you are crazy

I’m gonna pray that God would have mercy on you.

Lord I commit all these doctors who misdiagnosed, swept my concerns to the side, who belittled me, who just treated me horribly to you. I ask that you would bless and protect them.

I ask Lord that you would work mightily in their lives and protect them and keep them. I commit them to you Lord. Thank you Lord for being the one I can count on. Thank you Lord for loving me. I praise you. Please forgive me for my bitterness and anger and I put this all into your hands. I love you Lord.

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