Injuries suck

My husband is injured – possibly needs surgery. I have ehlers danlos and of course dislocated my knee (from sitting too long) … injuries suck.

The best part? We need to move out before the end of March …

My heart rate is still crazy – the palpitations have lessened so much but my rate is still weird. And? I’ve been getting regular left shoulder pain and weird alerts on my watch.

I know you have a plan Lord. I’m overwhelmed. I’m scared. I cannot do this – how am I supposed to handle this? Lord help us please. Please allow my husband to see a doctor soon. I commit his appointments to you. Please have mercy on him and allow him to get his help. Please heal my husband.

Lord, I ask that you would have mercy on me and heal me. Please allow me to see a doctor who can help, who is knowledgeable. I commit our lives to you and ask that you would help us.

Please Lord allow us help through this move. We can’t do this. Please God help.

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