I believe that this picture deserves an explanation .. I mean beyond the obvious Star Wars reference. I mean an explanation as to how weird marriage is. I’m obsessed with the Star Wars (OG films) of course but .. this quote specifically is significant.

So my husband is awesome .. my soul mate .. and the most sarcastic person I’ve ever met. I love it cause I’m super sarcastic too.

So this man, shockingly enough, never saw Star Wars until we got married. He’s not a super fan like I am (he actually likes the prequels but thankfully not the sequels), but he humors me on May the 4th (Star Wars day) and our annual New Years Star Wars day marathon.

What can I say? He loves me.

Anyways, we were a couple of years married and I said to him: I love you. To which he responded ..

And since then? He says it whenever I say it. 16 yrs marriage, same joke.

God I love that man.

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