Exercise sucks

Yeah. That’s right a former fitness influencer is saying: Exercise sucks. Why? Well .. Cause it does.

With being diagnosed with ehlers danlos the first thing I learned? The importance of exercise in my daily life.

If I don’t exercise – even something as simple as a stretch workout or a bike ride – I am in pain. Well I’m always in some sort of pain but!! But if I don’t exercise at all? I feel it worse.

I don’t know .:. For some reason? It is what it is. even if I’m in extreme exhaustion or pain? I have to move my body. The thing is once I do? The pain is much more manageable.

You see where I am going?

I challenge you to daily spend time in the word – even when (no .. especially when) you don’t want to.

Daily. Daily spend time with God. I can’t promise you that it’ll magically fix everything – but it will definitely make things more manageable.

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