Before moving, I have noticed the kids grew more and more distant. once we moved? I started having more conversations with them.

When we started having more conversations? I noticed a change. A huge change – they were closer. To us and each other.

They were happier.

They were more relaxed.

They were curious.

The trick is having the conversations. Even those difficult ones – ya know the ones you don’t wanna talk about?

Lord knows I want to protect them and keep the evil of the world away – but ya know what? I can’t do that forever. So? We talk.

This world y’all .. no. The enemy wants to take our kids. He hates us and them. Why? Cause he knows we have a mission and wants that to stop.

Please my friends – have conversations with your family.

Why you believe what you believe.

Why you won’t do certain things.

Have those awkward conversations.


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