I go through my moments .. especially since getting sick: “oh my life is horrible” .. “poor me” .. “no one understands”. And so on. I recently went through that.

It’s hard living this Spoonie life. Makes ya wanna feel sorry for yourself and push out life.

Y’all I have been so tired lately I can’t brain .. at all. I know you can’t tell but it’s been a week since I wrote. I just can’t handle thinking – it’s been a rainy week and all next week too. Is that an excuse?

Nah. I mean I was letting it be but not anymore.

My friend, I can not do this. Homeschooling, mom life, chronic pain warrior, and so on. But if I get up every morning and commit it to God – and actually let Him be God?

I can.

Don’t give up my friends – just call on God. Cause without Him? We seriously can’t. But with Him?

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Philippians 4:13

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